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RENAULT, supplier to Groupama Team France

The 100% electric Renault Twizy makes landfall in Bermuda!

Groupama Team France and the Renault Twizy
Groupama Team France and the Renault Twizy

Today is a major first for the French brand as it moves into the archipelago of Bermuda by placing 10 Renault Twizys at the disposal of Groupama Team France.

Renault is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in Latin America, of which Bermuda forms part, and boasts the most comprehensive zero emissions* range available to the region’s clientele. Over 500 vehicles have been marketed since 2012 and Twizy is ranked as the best-selling electric vehicle in the region.

French manufacturer Renault, has been making cars since 1898, so it will be ideally placed to assist the French challenge with getting around the archipelago, where legislation prohibits non-residents from hiring vehicles. Renault is also keen to demonstrate that Twizy is the perfect choice as a sustainable method of transport throughout the islands in general.

Juan Carlos Duque, Director Importing Countries of Renault Americas Region and Groupama Team France


Renault Twizy

Twizy is marketed in around forty countries and there are currently around 18,000 vehicles on the road. A two-seater, the Renault Twizy is specially designed for urban use. Small and agile, parking is effortless. Fuelled by a lithium-ion battery, it has a range of 100km (NEDC), whilst offering two passengers a safe ride thanks to its 4-point front seatbelts and 3-point rear seatbelts, disc brakes and driver’s airbag.


“Twizy is easy and enjoyable to drive, very safe, totally silent and with no emissions in use. Its large openings enable unrestricted views across the fabulous landscapes that colour the archipelago. In short, it’s the perfect vehicle and is in complete harmony with the enchanting backdrop of Bermuda”, confirms Juan Duque Restrepo, Director of Importing Countries in the Americas.


Renault, a company with French roots alongside the French challenge Groupama Team France


Renault is taking on the role of supplier to the French team competing in the 35th edition of the America’s Cup. Though the French brand has already been involved in past sailing sponsorship operations, this is its first time in the innovative and highly technological zero emissions vehicle category.


Louis Viat, Head of Logistics at Groupama Team France: 

“The Renault Twizy is the best possible alternative to public transport and hiring out scooters, whilst providing an independent, safe and efficient mobility solution for getting around Bermuda. We are very proud to be the first to use this solution in the archipelago, as well as promoting the positive impact of electric vehicles aimed at protecting the surrounding nature”.


Olivier Murguet, Director of Operations in the Americas:

“Renault is proud to launch its electric vehicle in Bermuda during the America’s Cup. Like these fabulous catamarans, Renault Twizy comprises a zero emissions* mobility solution.

From left to right : Richard Davidge, Renault Importer, Minister Atherden, Government of Bermuda, Franck Cammas, Skipper Groupama Team France and Juan Carlos Duque, Director Importing Countries of Renault Americas Region

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