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A word from Franck Cammas

Dear partners, dear supporters, dear fans,

At the dawn of a fresh campaign that is taking shape, the whole of GROUPAMA TEAM France is keen to express our gratitude for all the support you have given our joint project: the quest for the America’s Cup.

It is only together, by combining our desires, our skills and our passion for sailing and high technology that we can move forward with our project.

Thanks to you, our design has been able to flesh out its ambitions.

We’re still as passionate as ever and we very much hope to continue our journey towards the 36th Cup.

On behalf of the team that I represent, I would like to thank you again, our gratitude is heartfelt.


Franck Cammas and Groupama Team France


Thank you:


YACHT CLUB DE FRANCE, the Challenger club for our French challenge.


GROUPAMA, the Insurance and Banking group, a loyal partner to Franck Cammas for the past 20 years, who committed to our cause on 25 June 2015 in a project designed to bring the nation together and enabling the team to form and launch itself into the quest for the oldest sports trophy in the world.

NORAUTO, the European leader in car maintenance, which took on the challenge offered by sailing on its debut venture into sports sponsorship when nobody in the sector expected it and which has already announced its support in the 36th Cup!


LORIENT BRETAGNE SUD that has accommodated Franck’s racing stable since 1997 and which, on becoming the port of registry for the French challenge, testifies to its desire to develop the marine network and accommodate businesses working in the sector.


MUSTO which, armed with over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of marine clothing, supplied the team with a range of functional clothing and high performance, hardwearing products, which the sailing team was able to count on while sailing an airborne AC Class powered up at nearly 40 knots…


REGION BRETAGNE, a favourite region for sailors who, in their various fields of activity – economic development, research & innovation, town and country planning, training, promotion – support businesses in the marine network, which are often leaders in their market and recognised on an international level for their expertise and their know-how and which naturally decided to give us both their financial and moral support.


SUZUKI MARINE, which boasts a comprehensive range of outboard engines and has stepped up to the challenge and been able to guarantee speed performance on our ribs so as to enable the sports, technical and design teams to get right up close to the AC Class when sailing.


PONANT, the only French-owned cruise line and the world number one in polar cruises which, in the scope of its series of themed ‘Exclusive Collection’ cruises, carried its passengers to the very heart of the America’s Cup during two voyages aboard the Soléal and the Boréal.

NUMECA, recognised as the world leader in the domain of digital simulation thanks to a constant strategy for innovation and a team of over 120 top-ranking engineers and doctors specialised in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which carried out several thousand digital simulations on a very large quantity of possible configurations and sailing conditions, far exceeding what one might expect from conventional tooling or tank testing.


ESTECO, which made its ModeFrontier software available for the optimisation of all the components of a model, such as the foils and all the appendages.


DCNS, a group specialised in the military naval industry, nuclear power and marine infrastructure, which developed a dynamic simulator, an automatic pilot for ‘flight height’ and made available its engineer Baptiste Labat, who worked on the analysis of the manœuvres and the programming of automated sequences for these manœuvres.



HP,Hewlett-Packard, which made available to the design office some 30 computers and screens.



DASSAULT SYSTEMES, the world leader in 3D creation software, 3D digital models and product lifecycle management solutions, which enabled Groupama Team France to design, simulate and optimise the weight, performance, stability, robustness and safety of our AC Class, by making available its ‘Design for Sea’ solution based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its CATIA and SOLIDWORKS licences.


ATOS, which, as the leader in the design and construction of computers for calculation applications, supplied the French team with the computing power of Bull super-calculators (1,397,521 core.hours or the equivalent of 40 years of calculations on a PC), and an calculation optimisation service carried out on Numeca’s Fine-Marine computer tooling by Groupama Team France. These contributions were used in the calculation and simulation of the fluid dynamics relating to the foils.


EY, one of the world leaders in management through knowledge practices, which has supported the project since its creation by providing in-depth expertise in legal, economic and tax matters, or association-related affairs, as well as by opting for the best possible options for our project as a whole: Network of excellence, Association Team France and the Challenger element in the America’s Cup.


MORBIHAN,a Breton department and a venue for living and training favoured by the majority of exceptional sailors which, in addition to the financial aspect, supports a device for detecting and preparing young talent, initiated by the Team France Network of Excellence.


EXAGONE, a specialist in the development, operation and commercial management of a satellite positioning system network synonymous with centimetre-precision, which provided both moral and financial support.


HARKEN, a deck hardware company, which helped us fit out the AC Class.


BENETEAU, a French boat manufacturer, who made available to the team two BARRACUDA power boats to enable us to follow the AC Class while sailing.


NIKON, a Japanese manufacturer of cameras and optical devices, thanks to whom our video and photo team was able to immortalise every moment of this 35th Cup using the six Keymission 360 and a Nikon D 810 with lens NIKKOR 85mm 1.4 and NIKKOR 35mm 1.4.


JULBO, a brand based in the Jura region of eastern France, which has been following Franck Cammas for the past 20 years and stepped up to the challenge alongside us by creating the REGATTA, a model of eyewear suited to sailing ultra-fast catamarans like our AC Class: providing superb grip and toughness through its curved polypropylene frame, clear vision thanks to photochromic and polarised OCTOPUS lenses and an unimpeded view created by a water-repellent lens coating and an open rim facilitating water run-off. Needless to say, the model delighted the whole of the French team!


727 SAILBAGS, a reference on the design market inspired by the sea and based, like us, in Lorient, our port of registry, which helped us to kit out our reception pavilion in Bermuda by creating a range of decoration in our colours: pouffes, lamps, cushions…, the whole lot naturally made from recycled sails.


EDEN PARK, a Parisian company founded in 1987 by two rugby internationals and recognisable by its symbolic red bowtie logo, which enabled us to cut a dash on several occasions.


IFREMER, the French Institute for research and use of the sea, which helped us out during our fine-tuning in Lanvéoc with its hydrodynamic digital model, MARS 3D, a tool that gave us a precise understanding at every point in the harbour of the highly variable current in the zone in which we were sailing. Without this software, we wouldn’t have been able to analyse our performance with the same degree of precision. As such it’s an essential forecasting model!


FORWARD, a specialist in equipment for catamarans and new sports dinghies, which offered us protective helmets specially designed for high speed sailing on foils.


JB EPRON DESIGN, the Marc Jacobs of floats, the Paul Smith of sails, who created the most elegant livery for the French AC Class, combining his work as an artist and the necessary visibility for our partners.


CHARLES HEIDSIECK, a champagne house, thanks to which we were able to celebrate the important moments of this 35th America’s Cup.


RENAULT, a French car manufacturer since 1898, which chose our French challenge to launch its zero emissions vehicle in Bermuda, an archipelago that prohibits car hire to any non-resident. By placing at our disposal 10 Twizys, the team was able to get around the island much more easily!


FARO ADVANCED SYSTEMS, a structure working on the electronics systems, which made available to us its on-board software system and worked on the electronic controls for the rams.


DEVIALET, the most highly decorated start-up in the history of the Hi-Fi thanks to its innovations in sound, which played a part in ensuring a good tranmission of the races in our quarters in Bermuda using connected Phantom speakers that provided exceptional acoustics.

HARNEYS, a company of international lawyers, who assisted us with settling into Bermuda and facilitated our different approaches with the local authorities.


THE FRENCH NAVY who accommodated the team from August through to December 2016 within the Lanvéoc-Poulmic naval college, which provided us with all its expertise in terms of hydrodynamic calculations via the naval college’s research institute (IRENAV) with designers. They also ensured the safety of the race zone in Toulon during the French leg of the preliminary circuit in September 2016.


ECOLE NATIONALE DE VOILE ET DES SPORTS NAUTIQUES, the National School of Sailing and Watersports or ENVSN, which has played host to us on several occasions over the last two years and enabled us to train in the Baie de Quiberon within an outstanding venue combining key infrastructure and staff on an ad hoc basis as necessary in the quest for performance.


FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE VOILE (French Sailing Federation), which backed our project from the get-go and awarded us the label, French Team.


RACE FOR WATER FOUNDATION, created in 2012, which has assisted us throughout the project to work on our environmental behaviour and with whom we are working to preserve the oceans and water in general, the team having signed the ‘Water Guardian’ charter.


ALTRAN, patron of the Filières Team France (Team France Networks), which enabled us, together with some young engineers, to work on the structure of the wing, the appendages and the hydrodynamics.


THE CLUB TEAM France, the first of our backers, who back in 2013 enabled us to participate in the America’s Cup by sourcing the necessary funds to pay the registration fee.

AS Lease, Infidis, Cluster maritime Français (French maritime cluster), MGH Energy Storage, Cap Horn Finance, Shibumi Coporate Finance, Exagone, Eurazeo PME, Bruno Bich, APX Vinci Energies, @Mark, evernex, Cohen Amir Aslani, Beneteau, Groupe Carboman, Banque Populaire Rives de Paris, Jade, NBB lease, ITS Group, Capital Management France and GEO PLC

TO YOU, our fans, our clubs of supporters: Lorient Pour La Coupe, Toulon Pour La Coupe, French Pour La Coupe, all those of you who have supported us on a daily basis on the social networks and made the journey to share the key moments of this adventure at the christening in Lorient in July 2016, at the French leg in Toulon in September 2016 and even as far as Bermuda. Thank you!





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