Born: 19 June 1985 in Whangarei, New Zealand
Residence: Nomadic

Adam Minoprio


Place of residence: Nomadic 
Personal situation: Engaged
Post within Groupama Team France: Sailor – Wing trimmer, replacement helmsman
Education: 4 years of studies in mechanical engineering


Adam Minoprio is from New Zealand and is the only overseas member of the crew aboard Groupama Team France. The youngest world champion in the history of match racing, this sailor with a rare, precocious talent, has also competed in the Volvo Ocean Race, finishing second behind… Franck Cammas. Versatile, open, easy to get along with and already highly experienced in sailing ‘foilers’, particularly with the Italians on Luna Rossa, at just 32 years of age he can nail any of the positions, whether it’s helming where he excels, calling tactics or wing trimming. Today, he is the GC 32 reference on an international level and brings with him his much envied ‘Kiwi touch’.


Career and experience

Let’s journey back in time!

I was a wing trimmer in 2014-2015 with the Luna Rossa team. I did the Volvo Ocean Race the same year as Franck won it. I was the helmsman/ trimmer for the Camper team, who finished 2nd. In 2009, with Black Match, my match racing crew, and just a year after coming onto the circuit, we won the World Match Racing Tour Championship. For the record, thanks to this victory, I became the youngest helmsman in history to win this competition (24 years old), thus deposing James Spithill who’d won it at 25 ;-).

Another key point in my career was victory in the P-Class Tanner Cup (a race for the under 15s) in 2001. All New Zealand’s top sailors have won this race: Coutts, Barker…

At 10, I won the national Optimist championship in New Zealand. Once again, I was the youngest. I began sailing at around 8. I’m the 3rd of a set of 3 boys. My father built us a wooden Optimist for us to learn to sail in.



Your first memory of ‘Sailing’?
On a cruising boat, heading down the East coast of North Island in New Zealand.

Your sailing highlight? 
When we won the World Match Racing Tour. Our crew was a group of mates originally. We outlined our goal together, we worked together and we achieved it together.

The worst moment?
In 2010, when we stuffed any chance of victory in the World Match Racing Tour.

What does the America’s Cup mean to you?
It’s the pinnacle of our sport.

Do you recall a special moment in an America’s Cup? If so, can you tell us about it?
1995, New Zealand’s victory. I remember watching it on TV with commentary from the famous Peter Montgomery.

What attitude has no place in sailing?
A lack of respect for the sea, the ocean.



Housework, cooking, gardening, what do you do at home? 
I really enjoy cooking.

What can we find in your fridge?
Good products. Lots of vegetables. In the past, I ate a lot of meat but I’ve really got into ecology recently and my diet is more and more geared towards less meat and less fish.

Your morning ritual? 
Coffee or cappuccino and a protein shake with bananas, walnuts, muesli and yoghurt. Next, it’s over to the gym, weights and then a good breakfast after the sport.

Your favourite meal?
I adore everything! I can’t choose one thing.

On a Sunday when you’re not working, what do you do?
I go outdoors: go surfing, mountain biking, touring. One thing for sure, I don’t stay at home!

The last film or/and book, which had an impact on you?
A film: Before the flood. However, it’s been years since I’ve taken the time to read a book. 

What TV programme or TV series would you like to be part of?

The sport you enjoy doing?
Surfing and kite-surfing.

The sport you could never have practiced?

Who’s your best mate in sailing?
Blacky, he’ll know who he is. 

Which sailor would you have liked to have sailed with and why?
Peter Blake, he’s a legend in my country.

Are you always right?
Nobody can be right all the time.



What were you like as a child?
Naughty, mischievous, cheeky.

The nickname that best suits you?

Your favourite subject at school?
I was good at maths, but my favourite subject was P.E.

The subject you least liked?
Languages and literature.

Your ideal redeployment?
A cruising boat…

Your dream retirement is where?
In New Zealand.

During which period would you have liked to live?
1960 - 1970: there was no mobile phones and people knew how to make the most of life.

Your last moment of madness?
I can’t tell you!

Who do you dream of meeting?
Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla.

Your worst fault?
I’m not patient.

You never leave without…
My sense of derision.