Born: 20 Octobre 1976 in Arradon, France
Residence: Lorient, France

Arnaud Jarlegan


Personal situation: PACS contract, one child: Victoria (7)
Post aboard Groupama Team France: Sailor - Grinder in charge of racking up the necessary energy for such roles as trimming the foils
Education: IUT (Technical College) Industrial Maintenance and IUP (University Institute for Vocational Training) Automation in Lorient


Arnaud Jarlegan, 39, comes from Arradon in the Golfe du Morbihan, Brittany, and has a sports catamaran background. He has two Olympic Tornado preparations to his credit with Billy Besson, and won the European and World F18 Championship. His massive multihull experience teamed with his large frame and his feline suppleness, make him an indispensable grinder and trimmer aboard a flying catamaran.


Career and experience

I started sailing in the Golfe du Morbihan with my parents for fun, doing windsurfing during my childhood. Next, I had the opportunity to join Arradon college, where there was a sports department for windsurfing. That enabled me to be on the water 2 or 3 days a week. During that time, I chartered a catamaran every year during the Catagolfe event.

Meantime, Daniel Souben and his youth team were competing year-round on a catamaran with Thomas Sellier. They latter contacted me when he switched to double-handed sailing and we were off! That was at the end of college when I around 15.

I joined the French Sailing Federation’s catamaran network and sailed a Hobie Cat 16. We won the French Espoir Championship in 1996. From 2000 to 2008, I sailed the Tornado with Billy Besson. I formed part of the French Team whilst keeping up my studies.

From 2002 to 2004, I was a serviceman at Lanvéoc Naval College. In 2005, I took the competitive exam to become a technology professor. That took 6 to 7 months to prepare for the written element so sailing went on the back burner. I spent a few years teaching in colleges across Brittany between 2006/2010.

The Tornado was dropped from the Olympic Games so I sailed the F18, then the D35 with Banque Populaire in 2010, then with Lady Cat in 2011 and 2012. I also had the chance to join Energy Team, the project of the Peyron brothers, which scored great results (Winner of the ACWS Venice, 3rd in San Diego)

Since 2013, I’ve been working alongside Franck Cammas. I sailed the M34 for two years, did one year on the Diam 24 and here I am on the Groupama Team France project with a view to the 35th America’s Cup.



Your first memory of ‘Sailing’?
It was in the Golfe du Morbihan, alone on a windsurfing board when I was just a kid.

Your sailing highlight?
I have several and all of them are linked to fine performances :
- In Venice during a victorious race on an AC45 with Energy Team.
- Victory in a World F18 Championship.
- As well as a 2nd place in the European Tornado Championship.

The worst moment?
I manage to blank them out.

What does the America’s Cup mean to you?
For me the Cup represents the pinnacle of competition with regards sport and technology. I’ve always been interested in it and it became a dream when the cup switched to multihull sailing.

Do you recall a special moment in an America’s Cup? If so, can you tell us about it?
Yes, I have two special memories:
- Oracle’s victory against Team New Zealand and that edition as a whole thanks to the progress the boats made in relation to flight.
- And the victory of Alinghi against Team New Zealand for all the little details pieced together to take the win.



Housework, cooking, gardening, what do you do at home?
I don’t do a lot of cooking! I was poorly educated as my father is a chef and he’s always been the one doing the cooking! However, I help out with the housework and maintenance.

What can we find in your fridge?
Vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, fruits … natural organic products essentially as I think it’s important for our current and future health. With my partner Rosie being Colombian, she cooks meals from her country.

Your morning ritual?
I get up early and have a coffee on my own and get a few activities done before the girls wake up. After that I spend time with them while I have another coffee, then I listen to the radio.

Your favourite meal? 
Chicken / chips!

On a Sunday when you’re not working, what do you do?
I go for a walk by the sea with family and we play on the beach.

You have to choose three people to have supper with…
My close friends who I don’t get the time to see at the moment and my family.

A film or book, which had an impact on you?
I’m not very into films or books. I prefer to read the paper and magazines.

What TV programme or TV series would you like to be part of?
Stade 2 (weekly sports show).

The sport you’d like to practice outside sailing?
Badminton, running and cruising with family.

The sport you could never have practiced?

Your best mate in sailing?
Tanguy Leglatin

Which sailor would you have liked to sail with and why?
Eric Tabarly as he’s a legend who developed some extraordinary boats.

Are you always right?
No, and I have no problem recognising my mistakes.



What were you like as a child?
Fidgety, boisterous almost, a need to move

The nickname that best suits you?

Your favourite subject at school?
There were two: sport and technology.

The subject you least liked?

Your ideal redeployment?

Your dream retirement is where?
In the Golfe du Morbihan.

During which period would you have liked to live?
Now; that suits me fine.

Your last moment of madness?
I’m someone who’s cautious. No craziness.

The Fashion Victim in Groupama Team France?
Nicolas Heintz.

Who do you dream of meeting?
Somebody who has come from nowhere and has made a huge success of their professional life.

Your worst failing?
I bear a grudge. And a quality that can be a flaw is that I’m persistent and never give up.

Never without...
… The sea!