Born: 24 February 1983 in Hennebont (Brittany, France)
Place of residence: Hennebont, Brittany

Devan Le Bihan


Personal situation: cohabiting - 1 child
Post within Groupama Team France: Sailor - bowman
Education: Professional degree in plastics and composites in Saint Brieuc

Despite being 32, Devan Le Bihan from Hennebont near Lorient, has been a mainstay of the team for several seasons, whatever the craft. He’s won the Tour de France à la Voile with Franck Cammas and has competed in the entire AC 45 circuit for the past two seasons. As bowman, a role that requires both agility and physical strength, this stocky, uncompromising athlete is the most exposed member of the crew aboard these boats, which want nothing other than to eject you over the side.


Devan vu par Franck : « Il est un peu plus jeune et n’a donc pas l’expérience des autres, mais travaille depuis une dizaine d’années pour atteindre l’excellence. Il vient du match racing, a touché à tout, et se prépare très sérieusement physiquement, avec une approche très professionnelle. De plus, il est costaud ! » 


Career and experience

When I young I mainly sailed for fun. Competition came later on. I started out on one-design cruiser-racers, the First Class 8 and the Mumm 30 with Jimmy Pahun. Then I got into Match Racing on both the French and international circuits with Pierre Antoine Morvan and Damien Iehl.

Sailing a flying boat began in 2015 with Groupama and Franck’s team on an AC45, then I did a season on a GC32 with Engie.




Your first memory of ‘Sailing’?
It was during a sailing course in Lorient harbour, off Locmiquélic, aboard an Optimist!

Your sailing highlight?
It’s tough to say as there’s so many! The victories, like winning a Tour de France à la Voile or a leg of the ACWS in Venice with Energie Team or the World Match Racing Tour in Marseille.

The worst moment?
I don’t remember it! I forget.

What does the America’s Cup mean to you?
The Cup is synonymous with great races and beautiful machines. It’s a technological challenge.

Do you recall a special moment in an America’s Cup? If so, can you tell us about it?
All the Cups are different. Every time they are fascinating to follow.



Housework, cooking, gardening, what do you do at home?
All three! I’m less fond of housework but I do it. Cooking is something I really love.

What can we find in your fridge?
Meat, cheese, vegetables, eggs.

Your favourite meal?
A rare rib roast without sauce, with mixed fried vegetables.

On a Sunday when you’re not working, what do you do?
I spend time with family.

You have to choose three people to have supper with, who are they?

The last film and/or book, which had an impact on you?
I’m not really into films. In terms of reading, I’m more Mook, XXI, which is midway between a book and a magazine with a fair few photos.

What TV programme or TV series would you like to be part of?
I’m not very partial to media exposure.

The sport you’d like to practice outside sailing?
All outdoor sports: hiking, cycling, running…

The sport you could never have practiced?
You have to give everything a go! You can’t rule anything out.

Which sailor would you have liked to sail with and why?
With overseas sailors to inspire me with a different spirit or culture.

Are you always right?
No, I make mistakes. I’m pretty stubborn but I recognise my mistakes as long as they’re well argued J



What were you like as a child?
I don’t really know. I was a bit shy.

The nickname that best suits you?

Your favourite subject at school?

The subject you least liked?
I didn’t really have one that I didn’t like. It was more about a teacher rather than a subject.

Your ideal redeployment?
It’s a good question, which I often ask myself. Maybe to cut myself off from the world of sailing and see other things.

Your dream retirement is where?
I have no idea!

During which period would you have liked to live?
Right now suits me.

Your last moment of madness?
I try to consider things carefully. I don’t act on instinct.

The worst mistake in the clothing department in your view?
Belt and braces!

Who’s the Fashion Victim in Groupama Team France?
Thomas maybe!

Who do you dream of meeting?
No one in particular

Your worst failing?
Unquestionably stubbornness!